Human Resources

Staff benefits

Fair pay and great rewards

Let’s be frank, money matters. When looking at potential employers, salary may not be the only factor you consider, but it is an important one. Everyone wants to know that they’re being paid fairly for the work they do.

Not only do we offer competitive rates of pay, our incremental pay structure is fair and transparent and is designed to reflect the development of your skills and knowledge as you progress in your role.

All jobs at Loughborough are graded between grades 1-9. The grades reflect the level of skill and responsibility involved in your role, and the salary bracket you fall into.

Employees whose jobs fall in grades 1-8, will progress by one pay point each year, until they reach the maximum for their grade.

The salaries of senior employees on grade 9 are reviewed annually.

Reward and recognition

We’re a firm believer that employees should be recognised for their hard work and contribution to the University’s growth and success. Our reward schemes help us deliver on this belief.

Rewards for individual performance

Salary increase 

This Scheme recognises individuals when their effort and impact on the University exceeds what is expected, on a sustained basis. Recognition is awarded in the form of salary increases that are paid to an individual in addition to annual cost of living and incremental pay increases.

Lump sum payment

Employees can also be rewarded with a one-off cash payment. These payments are designed to recognise an individual’s outstanding contribution or performance, completed through short-term additional work or a one-off project.

Rewarding your efforts as a team

Strong team work and collaborative working are extremely important to us here at Loughborough University, which is why we have a reward scheme for exceptional team performances too.

The joint efforts of a team can be recognised with a non-cash award such as a theatre visit, golf tournament, spa visit, dining experience or wine tasting – the choice is yours!