Interim reward arrangements 2023/24

Following the launch of the new University strategy, Project Expectations will be launched shortly to review our existing performance and reward practices. While Project Expectations is underway, the following reward arrangements will be in place. You can read more about the interim Performance and Development Review (PDR) arrangements below. 

We recognise the importance of recognising and valuing the contribution that staff make to the success of the University. We have developed a range of ways in which managers can do this and details are provided below and in the Reward Scheme document.


  • Each school and service has been allocated a budget which can be used for all staff on grades 1 - 9.  
  • Deans and Directors have discretion to use this budget throughout the year or to save it until the end of the academic year, or a mixture of both. Deans and Directors will share further details on the local arrangements for awarding this budget consistently, fairly and transparently.
  • This budget will mainly be used to award staff with lump sum payments. These will be subject to the usual tax and national insurance deductions.
  • It will also be possible for schools and services to make smaller awards, e.g. a gift of less than £50 in value or a voucher.  The University will ensure that any tax is paid on these and it is important that any such awards are recorded on iTrent.
  • The HR Partnering Team will discuss their awards with Deans and Directors at regular intervals throughout the year to encourage the use of this throughout the year.
  • An analysis will be carried out to ensure a fair distribution across the school or service’s staff population
  • No additional funds will be available once a school or service has spent their budget.
  • A full equality impact assessment will be carried out at the end of the academic year for each school and service as well as at University level.


  • There will be an opportunity in April 2024 for staff to be considered for a consolidated reward (accelerated increment or excellence point for grades 1 – 8 and a pay increase for grade 9).
  • In May 2024, Deans and Directors will be expected to determine who is eligible for a reward. They will be required to conduct this review with their senior leadership team to ensure that reward is distributed fairly and equitably across their staff population.  The HR Partnering team will also work closely with school and service leadership teams on this.
  • Deans and Directors are responsible for ensuring that all staff are considered when determining who should receive a reward.
  • An equality impact assessment will be carried out by HR once submissions have been received and where there are concerns regarding the distribution, HR will work with Deans and Directors to address this. The assessment will be carried out at school/service level as well as at institutional level.
  • All submissions for reward, along with the equality impact assessment will be submitted to a central reward committee, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor.  Decisions will be made available in June/July 2024. Rewards will be effective from 1st August 2024.

Project Expectations has workstreams which are reviewing our existing performance and reward practices.