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SE Controls Walsall Manor - External Atria

A KTP with SE Controls helped the company to develop expertise in control system design and thermal modelling

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are three-way collaborations between the University, an external organisation and a graduate.

KTPs are a UK-wide programme, run and managed by Innovate UK on behalf of the 17 major research councils.

They often grow out of existing partnerships when the organisation identifies a strategic need that the university has the expertise to address.

The partner organisation can be a commercial company – in any sector – or service provider such as an education authority, NHS Trust or local council.

A graduate, supported by an academic team, joins the organisation to work on the project for anything from one to three years.

Projects are equally varied, spanning:

  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical innovation
  • Business processes
  • Efficiency savings
  • Commercial development

To find out how to establish a KTP, please download our KTP step-by-step guide.