Loughborough University Enterprises Limited

Loughborough University Enterprises Limited (LUEL) is the limited company through which external professional work is undertaken through the University.

LUEL enables you to use your academic expertise to work with an outside organisation for an agreed commercial fee.

Major organisations, government and health departments, and SMEs or individuals work with academics through LUEL. The work might be a one-off project, a series or a regular agreement in the form of a retainer. In many cases, LUEL is the springboard to enduring collaborative projects, sponsored research and studentships, benefiting you, your school and the external partner.

If you are thinking of undertaking new external professional work, please contact your school's Partnership Development Manager – find them using the Partnership Development filter.

The calendar gives details of Enterprise Clinics in your school.

Please also refer to the HR Conditions of Service.

Why is it important to use LUEL?

Undertaking external professional work through LUEL means that you are authorised to act in your academic capacity and use University resources – specialist and office equipment – to carry out the work. LUEL ensures that your academic reputation and that of the University is protected.

Do I have to do the work in my own time?

Time spent on LUEL projects is included within your employment contract and therefore you should not have to do this out of your contracted hours.

How does LUEL help me?

LUEL takes care of all the contractual aspects, administration and finance and, importantly, makes sure you are appropriately insured for the work you do.

Is my Intellectual Property protected?

Depending on the terms of the contract, it is possible that any Intellectual Property (IP) arising from work undertaken through LUEL can be protected for teaching and research purposes. In many cases, the client owns the IP in the Services.

How are projects costed?

LUEL projects are costed on a case-by-case basis.

Will I have to pay for any expenses?

Travel expenses are built into the project and if you do incur personal expenses, LUEL re-coups these from the client and reimburses you directly so that you are not out of pocket while the project is running.

Will I receive direct payment?

With Dean / Head of Department approval, academics may receive personal payment. Research, technical and other non-academic staff’s time can be charged for on LUEL projects, but they cannot take personal payment. Monies for their time can go to a Department code(s).

Can I undertake external professional work independently of LUEL?

Members of the Research, Teaching and Enterprise (RTE) and Specialist and Supporting Academic job families (except Research Associates and Senior Research Associates) may act as consultants in a purely private capacity where all the proceeds are retained by the individual, but where all the costs and liabilities also attach to the individual. The member is responsible, in such cases, for ensuring that:

  • the work is consistent with Section 29 in the Conditions of Service, particularly with respect to conflict with the University’s own taught course provision or any commercial conflict with LUEL
  • the work emanates entirely from their private address
  • the client is informed in writing in advance of undertaking the work that s/he alone is responsible for any advice given and that the University accepts no liability whatsoever

Can the impact from work undertaken either through LUEL or privately count towards REF?

Provided that it can be evidenced that the underpinning research (outputs / grants to be referenced) has been conducted at the University, you would be able to use the impact from work undertaken either through LUEL or privately as part of any future Impact Case Study.