Recent KTP projects

Review the KTP projects supported by the University in recent years.

Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Dr Duncan Walker and Professor Jon Carrotte
Rolls Royce
Awarded: 2021-22
To create an agile knowledge-based design toolbox for transition ducts used in future low-emission gas turbines.

Dr Byron Mason Dr Ashley Fly and Dr Eve Zhang
Horiba Mira
Awarded: 2020-21
Dynamic Characterisation of Automotive Systems.

Professor Gary Critchlow and Dr Simon Martin
Awarded: 2020-21
To explore opportunities associated with the utilisation of adhesive bonding technology during the construction of Permastore tanks and silos, as an alternative to, or in combination with, traditional methods of bolting & fixing tank components and sub-assemblies.

Professor Gary Critchlow and Dr Fiona Hatton
Awarded: 2019-20
To understand Hydropol-surface interactions and improve the processability of the Hydropol polymers.

Dr Sina Saremi-Yarahmadi and Professor Gary Critchlow
Trelleborg Retford Ltd
Awarded: 2017-18
To deliver a novel, lightweight, hybrid polymeric-ceramic coating technology for use on a range of structures; a coating which will give these structures a tailored electromagnetic signature which is invisible to S-band radar.

Sara Ronca and Helen Wilcock
Interface Polymers
Awarded: 2016-17
To develop and manufacture trial quantities of novel plastic additives for processing trials of relevance to multiple industrial customers.

Bala Vaidhyanathan
DJB Instruments
Awarded: 2016-17
To develop a range of high and ultra-high temperature piezoelectric ceramics for use in accelerometers for vibration measurement.

Professor Kambiz Ebrahimi
Advanced Actuators
Awarded: 2015-16
Design, prototyping and field validation of power generators, mechanisms and telemetry for remote valve actuation of steam and gas pipelines

Professor Mo Song
REPL International Limited
Awarded: 2012-13
To develop new heatshrink products to incorporate new functionality through the application of nanofillers, chemistry and nanotechnology

Professor Geoffrey Wilcox
Awarded: 2012-13
To scale up and refine, for industrial operation, a recently developed process for conditioning plastics prior to metalisation, without carcinogenic and environmentally restricted chemicals.

Dr Ali Ansarifar
Thermoseal Group Limited
Awarded: 2011-12
To develop the technical knowledge and capability for processing EPDM and silicone rubber compounds to develop a range of warm edge spacers in-house.

Dr Noreen Thomas
Viaton Industries Limited
Awarded: 2011-12
To develop advanced surface treated mineral filler powders for plastics and paint.

Professor Qing-Chang Zhong
Power Systems Warehouse Ltd
Awarded: 2010-11
To develop a range of efficient and class leading inverters that will be manufactured to serve the growing off-grid and alternative energy markets.

Professor Chris Hewitt
The Automation Partnership Group plc
Awarded: 2009-10
Proof of function of a new automated small-scale bio-reactor system. Transfer of technology to end-users and configuration of additional systems based on the core technology.

Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

Professor Marcus Enoch, Dr Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos and Dr Haitou He
Awarded: 2021-22
To create Bus MONITOR, a sophisticated data monitoring, aggregation and analysis solution for the bus market, able to operate across large fleets of vehicles.

Dr Derek Thomson and Dr Mingzhu Wang
Awarded: 2021-22
To integrate advanced data analytics into the Skanska construction planning, monitoring and control processes yielding increases in profitable growth.

Professor Pat Carillo and Professor Andy Dainty
Galliford Try
Awarded: 2016-17
To embed and build capacity amongst Galliford Try employees for innovative technologies and processes to reduce project failure and enhance construction project delivery.

Alessandro Palmeri
SAS International
Awarded: 2016-17
To design and manufacture novel earthquake-resistant metal ceilings.

Derek Thomson, Scott Fernie and Andy Dainty
Pick Everard
Awarded: 2016-17
To incorporate advanced data analysis methods into Pick Everard’s IE2 data analytics platform so that social value impact can be demonstrated across an ongoing programme of construction-related professional consultancy services, and to inform strategic interventions to maximise that impact.

Dr Paul Fleming
Technical Surfaces
Awarded: 2014-15
To plan, develop and implement a suite of tests to measure the effectiveness of maintenance techniques and procedures on synthetic playing surfaces and to produce a management system to predict the life expectancy of a surface.

Professor Malcolm Cook
SE Controls
Awarded: 2008-09
To develop and embed knowledge on how to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality in the built environment harnessing natural ventilation and intelligent control systems.

Professor Stephen Emmitt
SDB Contractors
Awarded: 2008-09
To devise a method of project control and reporting based on lean construction techniques and implement standard workflow practice across sites.

Business and Economics

Professor Peter Kawalek and Professor Chris Holland
Awarded: 2019-20
To develop and implement data analytics so as to produce an operations and intelligence decision-making model to facilitate a more innovative market strategy.

Professor Tom Jackson
Leicestershire County Council
Awarded: 2009-10
To embed knowledge for the effective management and use of information: developing tools to define objectives, policies, procedures and measure the impact of information management.

Computer Science

Professor Baihua Li and Professor Qinggang Meng
Millitec Food Systems
Awarded: 2021-22
To develop an embedded quality assurance system for real-time monitoring of food processing quality on automated production lines using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine vision technology.

Professor Baihua Li and Professor Qinggang Meng
Millitec Food Systems
Awarded: 2020-21
To develop sensory systems to function in real-world factory environments for food production automation. The developed machine vision technology will empower the flagship product delta robots at Millitec Food Systems Ltd, allowing a range of new automation functions on production conveyors.

Professor Baihua Li and Professor Eran Edirisinghe
Web Services Integration (Xceptor)
Awarded: 2020-21
To deliver an AI-based capability to automate the extraction of data points from a wide range of document types processed by the Financial Services community.

Dr Hui Fang and Professor Qinggang Meng
Singular Intelligence
Awarded: 2019-20
The KTP will enable SI to further develop a modular software programme (Si-DAX™) for use in the FMCG sector to enable scenario evaluation to improve operational decision making and strategic planning relating to price, promotion and replenishment.

Professor Baihua Li and Professor Qinggang Meng
Satoshi Systems
Awarded: 2018-19
To use state of the art data science and machine learning technology to develop credit rating and performance score models for commodity traders and predict supply chain disruptions; thus supporting safe access to securitised loans and reducing financial risks in physical commodity supply chains.

Dr Russell Lock
Smartroof Ltd
Awarded: 2018-19
To develop the software enabled SmartDesign system to digitise and automate the quotation, preliminary design and engineering design processes at Smartroof.

Eran Edirisinghe
ARM Limited
Awarded: 2016-17
To develop Vehicle Articulation and Re-Identification (VAREID) in distributed, multi-camera, CCTV systems and Roadside Object Detection and Recognition (RODe) in on-board automobile cameras.

Eran Edirisinghe and Christian Dawson
Aviation Intelligence Ltd
Awarded: 2016-17
To develop and embed deep machine learning algorithms with predictive and prescriptive analytics into a global Smart Airport Advanced Intelligence (SAAI) Product Suite, accelerating digital transformation within the sector.

Dr Andrea Soltoggio
ICE Communication
Awarded: 2015-16
To create an Enhanced Rendering System for Augmented Reality (ERESAR) capable of creating photo-realistic rendered objects within a real world setting, to support sale, promotion, accurate visualisation, planning, and marketing purposes.

Professor Eran Edirisinghe
Apical Ltd
Awarded: 2013-14
To design, develop and implement a mobile handset assertive display that adapts to real-time changes in environmental illumination

Professor Eran Edirisinghe
Apical Ltd
Awarded: 2012-13
To design and implement end-to-end High Dynamic Range (HDR) video delivery Systems optimised for viewing in varying illumination conditions on ubiquitous devices.

Professor Eran Edirisinghe
Apical Ltd
Awarded: 2010-11
To design and implement an image signal processor (ISP) capable of overall optimisation of the subjective quality of raw images captured by an imaging sensor.

Design and Creative Arts

Professor Neil Mansfield
Awarded: 2009-10
To enhance Nissan Technical Centre Europe's (NTCE) commercial design and novel driving posture capability, reducing vehicle mass and CO2 emissions whilst maintaining cargo volume.

Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

Henk Versteeg and Professor Weeratunge Malalasekera
Kindeva Drug Delivery
Awarded: 2019-20
To develop computer-based simulation tools to describe the processes leading to unwanted drug deposition in the mouth and throat from aerosols produced by suspension pMDIs.

Dani Strickland and Paul Rowley (CREST)
Green Frog Power Ltd
Awarded: 2017-18
To develop and implement a strategy to allow GFP to determine what energy storage technology it should deploy and when and for which electricity market applications in conjunction with their existing assets.

Henk Versteeg
3M Health Care Ltd
Awarded: 2016-17
Analysis of human nasal CT scans to provide parameters needed to develop robust nose-to-brain drug delivery devices.

Dr James Flint
DJB Instruments
Awarded: 2014-15
To develop the next generation of precision accelerometers that incorporate wireless connectivity without sacrificing sample rate and accuracy.

Dr Paul Lepper
European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
Awarded: 2012-13
To develop an underwater acoustic expertise within EMEC to meet the demands of the emerging marine renewables sector.

Dr Ramin Rahmani
Farrel Limited
Awarded: 2012-13
To develop a mathematical/analytical contact mechanics model to predict tribological conditions (friction, wear and lubrication) of rotating sealing surfaces within a mixing chamber.

Dr Carmen Torres
Specialist Lubricants Limited
Awarded: 2012-13
To allow maximum dispersion of nanoparticles within specialised lubricants, through minimal mechanical manipulation and nil chemical additives, to improve effectiveness and performance' with Specialist Lubricants Ltd

Professor Jeremy Coupland
Scitek Consultants Ltd
Awarded: 2012-13
To develop vibration monitoring systems using novel optical sensors to measure the velocity and clearance of turbine blades in aircraft and industrial gas turbine engines.

Dr Niels Lohse
Guttridge Ltd
Awarded: 2012-13
To design, develop and implement a knowledge system which provides accuracy and confidence in
the selection, design and specification of conveyors to meet customer requirements.

Professor Barry Sharp
LGC Group Ltd
Awarded: 2012-13
Development of quantitative elemental imaging of tissue sections for the study of common age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's (AD) and age related macular degeneration (AMD).

Dr Rob Edwards
Des19n Ltd
Awarded: 2011-12
To Research and develop a remote sensing method of measuring waste water flow for the industry, to improve customer billing and satisfaction levels.


Dr Pooja Goddard and Professor Roger Smith
Echion Technologies Limited
Awarded: 2021-22
To use a materials modelling approach to improve the performance of existing active material products used in Lithium-ion batteries, particularly focusing on improvements to energy density and to support and assist customers.

Dr James Reynolds and Dr Paul Kelly
Foster and Freeman
Awarded: 2019-20
To develop a probe capable of identifying forensically pertinent samples at crime scenes and indicate their approximate age.

David Worrall
Lubrizol Ltd
Awarded: 2016-17
To establish a new technique to assess the effectiveness of selected anti-oxidants during the oxidation process.

Professor Paul Thomas
John Hogg Technical Solutions Ltd
Awarded: 2010-11
To develop bespoke volatile compound detectors, and associated methods, for next generation 'smart' fuel markers, developing world leading marker capability.

Professor Jeremy Coupland
Campbell Scientific Ltd
Awarded: 2009-10
To design and develop the necessary image processing software and graphical user interface for a novel infrared cloud classifier system. To design opto-mechanical scanning.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Allan Watson
Sentric Music Ltd
Awarded: 2017-18
To embed within the company the ability to interpret traditional and non-traditional data sets, feeding into more personalised communication methods and ‘calls to action’ via Sentric’s proprietary rights management platform, Rightsapp, with the aim of increasing artist earnings.