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Crime prevention

Security in a Rented Property

  • Keep front and back doors locked day and night and even when in. An ‘open house’ policy is popular with thieves as well as friends!
  • Ensure you can have adequate security at the rear of the property – fit and use a lock on the back gate.
  • Don’t assume another housemate will lock up when you go out – take responsibility and if in doubt… check! 
  • Make your house looked lived in when you go out – close curtains and leave lights on.
  • Alcohol affects your sense of awareness leading you to take risks.  In advance of a night out drinking or a party consider who will lock up the house at the end of the evening and who will ensure belongings and valuables are safe.


  • Register your property here
  • Keep a list of your valuables with photos
  • Mark with a UV pen
  • Don’t alert thieves to new property by leaving packaging outside by bins
  • Remove temptation – don’t leave property near windows or just inside a door – it only takes a second to steal and thieves are prepared to take risks
  • Activate or download a tracking device on your phone or laptop
  • Ensure that your belongings in your rented accommodation are covered by existing or new insurance.


  • Invest in a ‘D’ lock for your bike – cables and chains are not sufficient! Security provides a free bicycle registration service. A small tag is placed on the bicycle and registered to yourself; if the bicycle is reported missing and recovered it can then be returned to you. Security also offers D locks at a competitive price; these are far more secure than chains, cables or padlocks.For more information about any of the above please contact security at securityadmin@lboro.ac.uk
  • Mark your bike with a UV pen.
  • Take removable parts (saddle, quick-release wheels, lights etc) with you or lock them to the bike.
  • Always secure your bike even if leaving for just a few minutes and preferably leave in a well-lit area.


  • Keep the number of a reputable taxi firm with you and avoid taxis who look for pick-ups away from taxi ranks.
  • On buses and trains sit in well lit and populated areas.
  • Have fare ready in advance so you don’t have to open a purse/wallet
  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Remember chatting on the phone or listening to mp3 players can distract you from what’s going on around you.

And if in need contact:

  • Police Emergency 999
  • Police Non-emergency 101
  • University Security 01509 222141