Room Security

Rooms, whether on and off campus can pose opportunities for thieves to get access to your possessions. However, there are many ways that you can mitigate this risk and keep your house and room secure.

How can the University Support you?

The University offers some insurance for people who are in university accommodation. To see what is covered in this plan see the student accommodation fees website.

What to do next?

When in Halls, you should:

Lock room and close windows

When you leave your room you should make sure that the windows are closed and that the door is locked. If you live on the bottom floor it is also a good idea to keep your window closed at night.

Don't allow people to tailgate into shared accommodation buildings

When walking into your shared accommodation building it might seem like the polite thing to do to hold the door for someone who is walking behind you and you can do this if you recognise this person and know that they live in your shared accommodation.

If you are unsure or if you do not know the person. Politely say that you are not allowed to let people in and close the door or if they are further away just close the door.

When in a rented property, you should:

Keep doors locked

Keep front and back doors locked day and night and even when in. An ‘open house’ policy is popular with thieves as well as friends.

Ensure you can have adequate security at the rear of the property

Fit and use a lock on the back gate.

Don’t assume another housemate will lock up when you go out

Take responsibility and if in doubt… check!

Make your house look lived in when you go out

Close curtains, leave lights on and if possible have a speaker playing music or a podcast quietly so not to disturb others but if someone was to enter they would think someone is in the house.

Prepare before going out

Alcohol affects your sense of awareness leading you to take risks.  In advance of a night out drinking or a party consider who will lock up the house at the end of the evening and who will ensure belongings and valuables are safe.

What to do if you find someone has broken in?

When a crime has been committed, it is important that people are notified about this. There are many people you should contact and telling them all should make claiming insurances easier. 

You can contact any of these people or use online reporting tools to identify crime that has taken place. This is how you contact them 

Campus security 

    • Phone: 01509 222141 (can also be found on the back of any student/staff card) 
    • Email 
    • Go and see them at the gatehouse near the SU  


Last Updated: 12th September 2022