Personal Safety

To keep safe around and outside of campus is very important. In order to keep campus safe, there is 24/7 security surveillance on campus. However, there are more steps you can take to ensure that you are safe. 

Top Tips to Stay Safe

  • Be discrete: when out and about you should try not to bring to anyone’s attention that you are carrying valuables with you. This could be by not mentioning or flashing large amounts of money, not carrying large amounts of cash and not showcasing any other valuables.
  • Stay together: one of the best ways to keep safe is by staying in a group or walking together with someone. If you are on a night out, try to keep track of where your friends are and if you want to go home make sure that you go with someone else. Always avoid walking alone, if you do need to go alone consider calling a taxi so that you do not have to walk.
  • Plan how to get home in advance: if you are going somewhere, be it a night out, or to visit another town/city it is important that you plan how you are going to get home. Will you take public transport? If so, what times does the bus/train go? Will you take a cab? Are you taking it when someone else? Are you walking? Who are you walking with?
  • Find a good path: if you are walking, make sure you walk somewhere where there are a lot of people around. Try to avoid small allies and empty streets.
  • Be sensible: you should obviously enjoy going out but make sure that you are sensible. If someone is trying to pressure you to do something which you do not want to do, say no and if that does not work, ask a friend for help or ask someone around you, such as a staff member or security team member, for help. Remember in most bars you can ask for ‘Angela’ and the staff will make sure you get help.
  • Add your friends to apps like ‘Find My’: if you should get lost or your friend might get lost and you can’t get them to respond you can use apps which will allow you to track their phone. You should only use this is both parties agree to it.
  • Emergency contacts: make sure that you have a list on your phone or a physical list somewhere where you closest friends can find it with your emergency contacts. This way if something has happened they can easily contact your emergency contacts.
  • Make sure you have insurance: if something should happen it is important that you have insurance. It can be difficult to know what insurance to get but you can ask a parent or a guardian for help about this matter.
  • Save the campus security’s phone number to your phone:if you live in Loughborough you should save campus security’s phone number to your phone so that you can easily contact the team if you should need to when you are on campus.
    • Their non-emergency phone number is: 01509 222141
    • Their emergency phone number is: 0800 526966

Last Updated: 12th September 2022