Travelling should be a fun and exciting experience. Taking some sensible precautions will ensure that you mitigate risks when travelling anywhere.

How can the University Support you?

The university offers a bus service to the main places you will need to reach in Loughborough. This should prevent you having to walk or take taxis in most instances.

Find more about travelling around campus.

What to do next?


Keep the number of a reputable taxi firm with you and avoid taxis who look for pick-ups away from taxi ranks.

Buses and Trains

On buses and trains sit in well-lit and populated areas.


Have fare ready in advance so you don’t have to open a purse/wallet.

Be Aware

Stay aware of your surroundings. Remember chatting on the phone or listening to music can distract you from what’s going on around you.

What to do if you have a problem whilst travelling?

When a crime has been committed, it is important that people are notified about this. There are many people you should contact and telling them all should make claiming insurances easier. 

You can contact any of these people or use online reporting tools to identify crime that has taken place. This is how you contact them 

Campus security 

    • Phone: 01509 222141 (can also be found on the back of any student/staff card) 
    • Email 
    • Go and see them at the gatehouse near the SU  


Further Information

Last Updated: 13th September 2022