When moving to university you will need to bring a lot of your possessions with you and some of these will be valuable and risk being stolen. However, there are things that you can do that prevent this risk.

How can the University Support you?

The University provides an insurance policy for all university halls that will cover some possessions. To see what is covered and the details of this plan see the Student accommodation fees website.

The University security offers the ability to register your property here. This means that if it is located it can be returned to you and will help in the reporting process if the item is stolen.

What to do next?

Lock Windows and Doors

Always lock doors and close windows, especially in hot weather.

Keep a List

Keep a list of your valuables with photos.

Mark with a UV Pen

Mark you valuables with a UV Pen. Include your name, university and student ID number, this way if something is stolen and later recovered you will be able to get it back.

Don't Alert Thieves

Don’t alert thieves to new property by leaving packaging outside by bins. Instead put packaging in bins directly.

Remove temptation

Don’t leave property near windows or just inside a door – it only takes a second to steal and thieves are prepared to take risks 

Tracking Device

Activate or download a tracking device on your phone, laptop or tablet.


Ensure that your belongings in your rented accommodation are covered by existing or new insurance. For further guidance around insurance, have a look at the webpage linked below.

What to do if something is stolen?

When a crime has been committed, it is important that people are notified about this. There are many people you should contact and telling them all should make claiming insurances easier. 

You can contact any of these people or use online reporting tools to identify crime that has taken place. This is how you contact them 

Campus security 

    • Phone: 01509 222141 (can also be found on the back of any student/staff card) 
    • Email 
    • Go and see them at the gatehouse near the SU  


Last Updated: 13th September 2022