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Academic and Personal Tutors

  • A resource designed for staff providing academic and / or personal tutoring support to students
  • Completed

This set of frequently asked questions and the subsequent links to further materials will be reviewed in the light of 
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What is the University's advice on Personal Tutoring?

Academic Quality Procedures Handbook: Section 6.5

‌‌This document was last updated on 10 April 2014 by the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee. It outlines the minimum University standards required for Personal Tutoring and Academic Guidance. In addition, you might also want to note the University’s Child Protection Policy 

What support is there for a Personal Tutor?

Academic & Personal Tutoring Workshop

‌‌‌This session from the Centre for Academic Practice, titled 'The role of the Academic Guidance Adviser/Personal Tutor', allows you to identify useful resources and skills, as well as the opportunity to discuss the roles and responsibilities of Academic and Personal Tutors. Search for 'Personal tutor' on My.HR for details and dates.

What should your Personal Tutees know upon arrival?

Welcome to Loughborough Website

‌‌‌‌‌This resource was developed to support new – as well as returning – undergraduate and postgraduate students, that is prior to and upon their arrival. This resource includes direct access to the University’s Student Handbook  and it also provides a link to the Loughborough Student Charter.

What academic resources are there to support your personal tutees?

Support during your studies

‌‌These include support with Academic Language , Foreign LanguageMathematics and Statistics as well as Library  resources. Beyond academic support, there is also additional support with regard to Health and welfare , as well as other resources including Creative and Print Services.

What pastoral resources are there to support your Personal Tutees?

Student Services

‌‌‌These Student Services include the Careers Network, the Centre for Faith and Spirituality, the Counselling and Disability Service (CDS)‌  (which contains Mental Health Support Team). There is also a section on Student Advice and Support You Service which includes links to Medicial Support.

What University systems should I know about?

Administrative Forms

‌‌‌Some administrative forms and departmental guidance are available via links from Student Office for example Leave of Absence and Internal Transfer forms. There are also additional links to forms for Money Problems and Hardship Fund and Mitigating Circumstances.

Please ensure that your Personal Tutees liaise with their School/Departmental Administrator on matters such as those mentioned above.


‌‌Loughborough’s Student Relationship Management system allows you to communicate with, and manage the support that you offer to, your Personal Tutees.


What other links are there?

Further Useful Resources