School of Science

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

The Equality & Diversity Committee in the School of Science is responsible for planning and implementing initiatives in the school to support diversity and a culture of inclusivity.  Events include the Women in Science Lecture Series, an annual Pride in Research event, and the Black Excellence Achievers project (joint with the non-profit group Black Excellence UK).  Other support includes small caring grants for staff and PhD students, travel grants to permit staff and students to attend diversity events around the country, and training opportunities.  More information is on our News and Events page.

Equality & Diversity Committee Membership 2019/20


School Role

E&D Committee Role

Dr Eugenie Hunsicker

Director for E&D, SL in Mathematics

AS Champion for School

Dr Brian Cousins

Senior Lecturer (SL) in Chemistry

AS core writing team

Dr Syeda Fatima

Lecturer in CO

AS core writing team

Dr Claudia Garetto

SL in Mathematics

AS core writing team

Prof Sergey Saveliev

ADR, School of Science.

Professor of Physics

Representation of RTE Staff, Juno Champion for School

Dr Fasil Kidane Dejene

Lecturer in Physics

Representation of RTE Staff

Dr Stephanie Thomas

University Teacher in Mathematics (Foundation)

Representation of Foundation Studies.

Glyn Spencer

Technical Tutor in Physics, E&D committee member

Representation of Technical tutors

Meredith Coney

Learning and Teaching Manager for the School of Science

Representation of PSS

Theresa Wege

PGTA for statistics support & part-time PhD student in MEC

Representation of SST, PGR Rep

Katrina Cranfield

Part B Chemistry Student

UG rep, Women in Science Ambassador.

Simona Mohammad

Part A Natural Sciences Student

UG rep, Women in Science Ambassador.




Naomi Howlett

UG rep (Computer Science)

UG rep

Olivia Bugden

UG rep (Chemistry)

UG rep

Sanmare Van-Der-Bijl

UG rep (Mathematical Sciences)

UG rep


UG rep

UG rep


UG rep

UG rep


UG rep

UG rep

Ali Karimi

PGR Rep (Computer Science)


Chen Chen

PGR Rep (Computer Science)


Liam Baddeley

PGR Rep (Mathematical Sciences)


Yasmin Phillips

Executive Support Administrator