Dr George W Weaver

BSc, PhD, CChem FRSC

  • Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
  • Director of Admissions and Marketing, School of Science
  • BSc St Andrews
  • PhD Edinburgh
  • Postdoctoral Research, Cambridge, Hannover and Oxford

Research areas

Our research is in synthetic and mechanistic heterocyclic chemistry. We aim to develop new routes to heterocyclic and aromatic compounds both for biological and materials applications.

Key areas under investigation include:

  • SNAr reactions of perfluorarenes
  • Smiles and Truce-Smiles rearrangements
  • Reactions of strained heterocyclic systems
  • Nitro compounds as building blocks
  • Member of EPSRC college
  • Senior Editor - Cogent Chemistry

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Undergraduate Admissions Tutor


  • CMB106 Structure and Reactivity 2
  • CMC001 Modern Aspects of Organic Chemistry
  • CMC026 Investigative Projects
  • CMD213 Biological Organic Chemistry
  • CMD401 Drugs and Disease
  • CMD402 Drugs: Synthesis and Properties
  • CMD001 MChem Research Project
  • CMP056 MSc Research Training Project
  • CMP066 innovations in Medicinal Chemistry

Internal Examiner (Module Organiser):

  • CMB106 Structure and Reactivity 2
  • CMD213 Biological Organic Chemistry
  • CMD402 Drugs: Synthesis and Properties
  • CMP066 Innovations in Medicinal Chemistry