Successful transitions under environmental change

Achieving sustainable transitions in an era of unprecedented change and transformation is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity.

Successful Transitions Under Environmental Change (STUEC) brings together a distinctive group of leading researchers from across the Social Sciences, Humanities and Physical Geography working collectively to better understand how people and societies interact with rapidly changing natural and built environments.

STUEC draws together expertise and experience from a wide range of disciplines. Key areas of research include: climate change; water, land and ecosystem science; food and water, security and management; social and economic adaptation; built environment; energy transformation; migration; Arctic science and geopolitics; climate activism; intergenerational justice; environmental communication; environmental humanities.

STUEC is closely aligned with Loughborough University’s overall strategy, Creating Better Futures. Together, which identified Climate Change and Net Zero as a key strategic theme. Our research is key to enabling the university to play a leading international role in responding to the climate emergency and supporting the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including SDG 7 affordable and clean energy, SDG 11 sustainable cities and communities, SDG 13 climate action and SDG 14 life below water.

View a video on Youtube about Loughborough University's commitment to sustainability here.

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