Your portfolio

Applicants are selected on the basis of their UCAS application and portfolio submission in order to assess academic potential.


A design portfolio is a visual mechanism through which you can evidence and communicate the various aspects of your design capability and potential.

An ideal portfolio will not only showcase your design craft skills and an ability to engage with diverse users and technologies, but will also convey your creative approach and decision-making processes. As a consequence, no two portfolios should be the same.

As part of your application to study within Loughborough University’s School of Design and Creative Arts, you are required to submit a portfolio which will be assessed by a panel of our highly skilled academic staff. We expect to see a range of works in various stages of completion and suggest aiming for around 3 projects in detail with additional sheets to cover any work in progress or personal side projects.

Throughout the portfolio we expect you to succinctly annotate the content to help the assessors to understand your decision-making process. For each project we encourage you to compile your portfolio as follows:

1-2 sheets introducing the brief or problem you have identified and the research you have undertaken to explore relevant contextual issues. Where appropriate include evidence of user research, inspiration and influences, and other relevant forms of cultural or technological enquiry.
1-2 sheets demonstrating your iterative design process and creative responses to the issues you have identified. Where appropriate include evidence of problem solving through sketch work, virtual modelling, physical prototypes, and other experimentations relevant to your process.
1-2 sheets communicating your final design and how it has been resolved in relation to your brief or identified problem. Where appropriate include detail of form and/or technological resolution, evidence of user and/or functional evaluation, and other relevant ways of evidencing the project’s successes and failures.

Electronic submission and design task

If your application is shortlisted, you will be sent details about the design task as well as information relating to portfolio formatting, file size, and electronic submission via email.