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Join a growing movement of enlightened, ambitious people determined to find better ways of doing business.

Calling all innovators, all creators, all seekers of better ways of working. The world needs fundamentally different approaches to tackle its biggest problems – and it’s people like you that will drive that change. Are you ready to join us?

Progress with Purpose at Loughborough Business School

Our colleagues Rachael Mabe and Mumin Abubakre outline what Progress with Purpose means to them.

Aligning personal and business success

As a business school, we are ideally positioned to help create a better world – by enabling and equipping purpose-driven people and organisations to perform better.

That’s why we attract students, researchers and business partners who don’t just want to progress individually, they want to make a difference to communities and economies by transforming the way that business is done.

We’re coming into a new stage of our industrial evolution. One where we can no longer simply pursue consumption-driven economic growth. We need to think about how we can still support economic development, but do so in a way that better balances the economy, and the environment and society. And we need the people and organisations who are ready and equipped to drive that change.

Professor Jan Godsell Dean of Loughborough Business School

Our purpose

To raise the game of business by challenging policy, practice and performance.

Our mission

To turn theory into practice by bringing together deep partnerships with purposeful organisations, career-accelerating education and world-leading research.

Our vision

To be the first-choice business school for purpose-led people and organisations.