Our alumni community

Studying with us at Loughborough is the first step on – what we hope will be – a lifelong journey of co-creation and learning.

Our lifelong approach to learning means our students tend to keep their links going with us long after they graduate.

To help our students reach their potential – not just while they’re studying here, but long afterwards too – we offer varied opportunities to stay in touch and keep the learning flowing in both directions. From mentoring, to professional development, to research opportunities, to reunions and get-togethers.

Loughborough graduates are taking their skills and insights out into industry, to improve the performance of purposeful organisations all over the world. As a graduate, you’ll be joining a thriving alumni community that’s here to support you in your learning and growth throughout your career and beyond.

Studying with us is just the first step. By keeping our valuable links going, we’re creating an ever-expanding network of purpose-led individuals and organisations, all connected by their experiences, passions and new ideas nurtured here at Loughborough.

Dr Cheryl Travers Director of Alumni Engagement and Lifelong Learning, Loughborough Business School