Global outlook

Taking a truly international approach creates a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere for learning.

Thanks to our reputation for being at the forefront of business with purpose, people come from all over the world to study with us. Our students can live and work in organisations across the globe.

To meet global challenges, a business school has to think and act internationally. Our students take part in engaged research and practice with global businesses. We help them look beyond borders to develop new approaches to businesses that challenge the traditional consumption-driven growth model.

Governments around the world are recognising the issue of resilience, and we are working with them to contribute to the debate and taking a longer and broader view. Study with us and you will develop the skills and competencies you need to work, live and succeed in our changing global environment.

Over 500

students come from more than 50 countries to study with us.

(2022/23 academic year)

Our international strategy

We aim to be a truly globally partnered school in a network of leading institutions, delivering intellectually excellent and relevant research and education in business and economics.

That’s why we are developing a community that recognises and values the importance of international exposure and experience in research, teaching and learning. Most of our research is recognised as internationally leading and relevant to industry, and we constantly review our programmes to ensure they stay relevant internationally.

Our strategy involves:

  • Continually developing the international content of our programmes of teaching, learning and research to enable our stakeholders to operate in the global business environment.
  • Expanding international partnerships with educational and corporate institutions to support international, collaborative and research programmes.
  • Supporting students in the development of international communities of study in order to enhance international experience and global mobility.
  • Promoting international faculty mobility and the development of research networks to consolidate the school’s reputation for excellent research.
  • Enhancing the wide international mix of the faculty, staff and students in the School.
  • Developing deeper relationships with our international alumni through mutual support and frequent contact.

Our partners

Our faculty has many research and teaching links with universities and corporations overseas. We have a number of school-level collaborations with universities and business schools across the globe, including student exchange partnerships.

We also build sustainable and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with leading overseas institutions who share our goals and values to create:

  • opportunities for our students to study and work abroad, including summer schools and intensive programmes
  • joint research
  • joint teaching programmes, including joint PhDs
  • staff exchange opportunities
  • career development for PhD students and early stage researchers
  • professional education and MBA opportunities.