Prizes and challenges

We are pleased to announce that the ISEA 2024 – FIFA Research Challenge is now open to all University students. Design an infographic or video summarising a FIFA-related research paper and be in with the chance of winning £250 and free registration to the ISEA 2024 conference.

ISEA 2024 – FIFA Research Challenge Guidelines

What is the challenge?

To summarise an existing FIFA-related football research paper (from the list given below) via an infographic or video.

Who can participate?

All university students at any education level can participate in the research challenge. Entry must be from a single individual student and the number of submissions per student are not restricted.

What projects are available for a summary?

The research papers available to be summarised are listed on the final page of this document and fall into four categories:

  1. Global Impact and Trends
  2. Officiating
  3. Game Analysis
  4. Surfaces and Equipment

How will the ISEA 2024 committee judge the projects?

Judging of the submissions will be carried out by the members of the ISEA 2024 organising committee and a FIFA representative.

Each submission will be awarded marks in the following four categories, which all carry equal weighting:

  • Academic rigour – accessing the depth and accuracy of the research content and interpretation of the paper summarised.
  • Presentation – evaluating the quality of design, visual appeal, and the effectiveness of the communication methods used.
  • Knowledge transfer potential – Assessing the ability of the entry to summarise the research and convey complex information in an understanding and engaging manner.
  • Originality – Measuring the creativity and innovation of the entry.

What can you win?

The ISEA FIFA Research Competition offers attractive prizes. Prizes will be awarded to the top 8 submissions: four winners and four runners up.

  • Winning Prize (Top 4): £250 cash prize and free registration for the 15th International Conference on the Engineering of Sport (ISEA 2024)
  • Runner-up (Top 5-8): Free registration for the 15th International Conference on the Engineering of Sport (ISEA 2024)

How will your project be disseminated?

The winning submissions will be displayed at the 15th International Conference on the Engineering of Sport to be held at Loughborough University 8-11 July 2024. Submissions may also be shared on ISEA and FIFA social media pages and on FIFA research channels.

What are the submission guidelines?

Please prepare your project in the form of an (1) infographic or (2) video and make sure to consider the following formalities:

  1. Infographic Specifications
    • The infographic must be vertical (portrait orientation) with a width-to-height ratio between 1:2 and 1:3. The length of the infographic should not exceed 600 pixels in width and 1800 pixels in length.
    • Infographic must be submitted in pdf format and must include name, affiliation, and contact details.
  2. Video Specifications
    • The video must be landscape with an aspect ratio of 16:9 in MP4 format and include one frame showing name, affiliation, and contact details.
    • Choose a suitable resolution to ensure optimal clarity and visual quality in videos. A minimum resolution of 1080p is recommended.
    • The length of video must not exceed 2 minutes.

How to submit your entry?

Email your entry to with FIFA Research Challenge entry in the Subject box of your email. If your file to too large to email then please use a suitable video hosting platform and share a link via email (e.g., Google drive, YouTube (unlisted) we transfer or Dropbox).

Format your document title as: Cx_yourname where x is the category number that your submission falls within (see above).

Any questions regarding the challenge should be directed to with FIFA Research Challenge question in the Subject box of your email.

Competition timelines

  • Entry opens: 24th November 2023
  • Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2024
  • Winners announced: 8th April 2024

Research papers

1. Global Impact & Trends

2. Officiating

3. Game analysis

4. Surfaces and Equipment