15th International Conference on the Engineering of Sport

ISEA 2024
8-11 July 2024 - Join us

Conference aim

Our mission for ISEA 2024 is to provide a platform for sports engineers in academia or industry, field leaders to early career research students from around the world to share their research and expertise and thereby grow the network of sports engineers and inspire the next generation.

Conference vision

The ISEA serves the global community of sports engineers by promoting the technical aspects of sports engineering and by providing a collaborative environment for the collecting and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sports engineering and technology. The 2024 conference is the 15th edition of the bi-annual international conference, last hosted in Purdue University in 2022, and brings together the top minds in sports engineering from academia and industry. The Engineering of Sport 15 will take place in Loughborough University’s award-winning campus alongside the World Scientific Congress of Golf.

Sports engineering is an industry that is heavily influenced by advances in other sectors as well as societal pressures and shifts, making working as a sports engineer exciting. However, it also means being keenly aware of how these innovations and discoveries can be integrated and applied, especially as digitalization expands and what people – the athletes, fans, coaches, governing bodies – expect from sport evolves. The conference agenda was designed to engage sports engineers and other attendees in conversations about the current and future state of the industry; highlight how industry, research, and athletes are working together to advance all areas of sport; and showcase the cutting-edge research being done in sports.