Systems Engineering

System engineering allow us to explore the complexity of interactions and behaviour of systems that have grown in complexity.

Such as transport networks that are constantly changing due to traffic control requirements, new car technologies, driver’s behaviour and the requirement to adapt to future needs.

Systems Research indicates a broad area of relevant research including complexity science, systems science and engineering, it applies to complex systems in all sectors such as aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and transport.

network analysis 

There are many challenges in the understanding of large systems due to their level of sophistication, size, scale and complexity. Systems Engineering aims to analyse, understand and predict interaction within a system and outside the system through the deployment of analytical tools, such as linear dynamics, statistical physics and network theory and support the development of new systems through planning systems architecture and applying model-based systems engineering.

Leading Groups 

Networks and System Research Theme (NetSys)

Advance Virtual Reality Research Centre (AVRRC)