Capability Areas

Loughborough University interdisciplinary collaboration strengthens research in Safe and Smart Mobility

Our research in safety, design,engineering, business and economics enhances research in intelligent mobility with input from many different disciplines.

Loughborough University structures are organised to promote collaboration. Existing research areas can be relatively close, for example machine vision, network communications and autonomous vehicles research in Computer Science and Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering, or the driver behaviour and vehicle safety research in Design School and Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering. 

Our research capability areas include Automated Transport Systems, Virtual Reality, Simulation, Control Systems, Machine Learning, Communications, Security and Networks, Big Data Analytics, Human Factors, Driver Behavior, Business and Economics and many others where we offer world class reputation. In addition, our cross-campus approach strengthens the benefits that closer cooperation brings to research.

Future transport needs can only be met through multidisciplinary research that considers all areas from design to construction, from human behaviour to business and economy. The diversity of our research can be focused to make future travelling more comfortable and efficient.