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We aim to form a network of research to advance knowledge sharing in Safe and Smart Mobility, look in this page to find information about our events.

  • Workshops - These are cross-sector workshops to discuss key research topics. The first workshop in our programme is Safety in Autonomous Vehicles, we are inviting participants from all sectors, Government, Industry and Academia to join us and share their views about this very important subject. Contact us for more information. 
  • Seminar Programme – Researchers from any discipline across the campus and currently working in projects related to Safe and Smart Mobility are invited to attend and participate in these seminars. These monthly, lunch time seminars help to inform all the remarkable research in intelligent mobility that is currently being carried out at Loughborough University. The format of the seminars provides 30 minutes for presentations followed by a networking lunch. Don’t miss the opportunity to step-up your research with new knowledge and ideas and find opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration.
  • News - Find news and information about current developments in safe and smart mobility
  • Visiting  our resources - If you like to find more about our facilities for Safe and Smart Mobility research at both Loughborough University campuses or plan research using the SMLL test facilities in London including our Open Architecture Vehicle and Human Factors Research Lab, contact us to arrange a visit.