Road and Vehicle Safety. Intelligent mobility technologies have the potential to improve safety and reduce accidents.

However, these same systems can introduce new risks and dangers but there is a strong public expectation that future technologies should improve on those of today.

Using accident analysis, normal driving studies and dedicated experimental methods we measure how vehicle systems are used under normal conditions and identify limits and problem areas. We use this information to help industry develop safer vehicles through system design and by specifying performance requirements for safety assurance.

Our research is being applied to Advanced Driver Support Systems such as braking, steering, and driver information systems already on the market. It also supports the development of SAE Level 2 - 5 automation systems. As new Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and partial automation develop, we must monitor what happens in the real world, observing how driverless and ADAS vehicles behave on the road. Our research encompasses both lab and applied work, comparing crash involvement rates of vehicles with and without the new systems.

We have one of the world's enduring teams conducting research into many areas of road and vehicle safety. We have lead the development road safety policy support tools including the European Road Safety observatory, African road Safety Observatory and the SafetyCube decision support system. Our research has directly contributed to the improved safety of many vehicle systems covering passive, active and integrated safety and much of our current research addresses the needs of increasingly automated vehicles.

Our main research areas include:

  • Collection and analysis of macroscopic and in-depth road and vehicle safety data
  • Development of safety policy support tools
  • Traffic injuries and public health impacts
  • Road user behaviour and traffic safety
  • Development of vehicle testing protocols
  • Autonomous vehicle safety validation and verificcation
  • Effectivness of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS)
  • Real-world impact studies of road and vehicle safety 

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