Real World Trials

Real World Trials of Automated Vehicles, ADAS and Future Mobility Systems.

Autonomous vehicles, new mobility services and the underpinning technologies are expected to operate correctly across the very wide range of real-world situations.

This enables industry to conduct technical validations of their systems, confirm the viability of business models and conduct impact studies. We can plan, organise, manage and implement real-world trials to confirm the functionality and operation of ADAS, in-vehicle information systems, CAVs and MaaS systems. We can explore user acceptance and identify obstacles to deployment. We have the experience to ensure trials are conducted safely according to existing codes of practise and can access the facilities of the new Smart Mobility Living Lab in London.

Smart Mobility Living Lab

  • CAPRI : on-road public trials aimed at the design, development and testing of new autonomous and connected pods on-demand.
  • Robopilot: development of an autonomous freight vehicle, funded by Innovate UK
  • TeleFOT: field operational tests of aftermarket and nomadic devices in vehicles.
  • DaCoTA: Road Safety Data Collection, Transfer and Analysis
  • U-Drive: The largest European naturalistic driving study-U-Drive- having access to 70 TB of road user behaviour data

Leading Research Group:

Transport Safety Research Centre