Research Staff Development

Career Development

We have dedicated Careers Advice available for research staff, you can book a quick advice appointment (20 minutes) for CV/application check or a longer consultation (45 minutes) to discuss career options, career change or end of contract concerns.

Workshops are offered in a range of career related topics (bookable through the Doctoral College Development Portal), and you can make use of the Researcher Career Contacts Database to connect with people in roles you may be interested in learning more about.

You may find the video below helpful as you start to consider your future career.

Career Progression Framework for Research Staff

We have a few useful downloadable tools to help you think about your career:

PDF document Icon An interactive mindmap PDF to help you look at career options (you may need to open with Adobe Acrobat to view correctly, i.e. "Save link as...")

 An interactive mindmap PDF exploring 'My career - what next?' (ditto)

 A model of the Research Career

PNG MS word icon Mapping research career development with the Researcher Development Framework

 A PDF diagram showing Vitae's Widening horizons funnel

PNG MS word icon A form for action planning

PNG MS word icon A Personal Action Plan form

More career development links

    is a good source of vacancy information from UK HEIs. The website also includes career development resources.
  • Vitae 
    Researcher development organisation, lots of resources for research staff.
  • Prospects 
    A vacancy search engine, also provides CV checking service, interactive advice and online career coaching.
  • Graduate Recruitment Bureau 
    A job search engine online advice and job hunters toolkit feature on this website. Despite being aimed at graduates this is a good source of information and links.
  • Times Higher Education Supplement

  • Science's Next Wave 
    a worldwide search engine for vacancies, careers advice, job market news, how-to guides. US based, targeted at scientists but information relevant to other fields. Includes Careers Basics book containing advice and resources for scientists - again some of the information is relevant to non-scientists.