Research Staff Development

New Research Staff

Welcome to Loughborough University, we hope you have an enjoyable time here and are able to make the most of the myriad opportunities available to Loughborough researchers.

Please familiarise yourself with the University's Research staff employment Code of Practice, which outlines the responsibilities of the University, managers of researchers and research staff themselves whilst at Loughborough.

Staff Development provide support for induction including an Induction Checklist to and a guide to how the University works, to help with your settling-in and probationary period.

We run a workshop session 'Introduction to Research', which you can book through my.HR.

  • 'Introduction to Research' sessions

 You are also expected to attend the following courses as part of your probation (also bookable through my.HR):

  • The 'Welcome to Loughborough' Induction session
  • The 'Respecting Diversity' course

All new staff will have a probationary period, and it is a good idea to use this time to establish the project objectives and consider your own professional development.

We are a member of Vitae, the national researcher development organisation. You can register for this site and make use of a wide range of resources including training materials, the Research Staff Blog and the Researcher Development Framework, to plan your development.