Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)
Typical External Research Projects

Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre has a wealth of experience in Focused Ion Beam Microscopy. The centre has both gallium and xenon focused ion beam instruments.

Our Xenon Plasma Focused Ion Beam (PFIB), one of only 9 such instruments available in the UK. This new technology enables high speed, large volume microstructural characterisation. It also provides gallium free TEM sample preparation for materials such as aluminium which suffer serious artefacts when using traditional FIB.

Typical Projects

The extent in which LMCC can support you depends on your needs; it can be as simple as producing a site specific TEM specimen to producing full 3D reconstructions to support your research. The links below provide some of the typical projects that could be carried out.

3D Reconstructions

3D reconstructions can be produced using multiple detectors, SE, BSD, EDS, EBSD etc.

TEM - Sample Preparation

Site specific TEM sample preparation is available using a gallium or xenon FIB.

Large Cross Sections

The xenon FIB allows large cross sections to be easily produced.

Atom Probe Sample Preparation

Atom probe sample preparation is available using a gallium or xenon FIB.

Large Area EBSD

Our high speed CMOS EBSD detector allows EBSD analysis over large areas.

Micro Mechanical Testing

Micro mechanical testing can be carried out at LMCC.

In-Situ Heating up to 1200°C

Our MEMS based heating solution allows you to carry out in-situ heating and observe the changes with a range of detectors including EBSD.

Ion Beam Imaging

LMCC have a wealth of experience carrying out ion beam imaging. Ion beam imaging can be used to quantity precipitates within a material.

Interested in using our Xenon or Gallium FIB? Talk to Us

If you are intrested in using our facilities to maximise your research we would be delighted to help. Email or phone with the specific details and we will be more than happy to arrange a 1-1 meeting.

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