Our research

We deliver an integrated approach to accelerating change in improving diversity in engineering and developing inclusivity in engineered products and services.

Inclusive Engineering is the discipline of ensuring engineered products and services are accessible, inclusive, and free from discrimination and bias for more ethical, sustainable, risk-free engineering.

Inclusive Engineering Framework developed by Dawn Bonfield MBE FREng

People to Products broadens our research towards an industrial and end-user focus, working with industry to deliver vitally important product-focused exemplars of inclusive engineering research.

The interdisciplinary research cohort enables greater inclusion and more creative diversity of technical approaches, thoughts and experiences within engineering disciplines. This aligns with external drivers from industry and professional bodies to develop diverse future leaders with expertise in EDI practices within engineering research and technology development.

Inclusive Engineering Excellence Hub

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Loughborough University, the Inclusive Engineering Excellence Hub (IEEH) aims to develop knowledge in critical gaps in inclusivity in engineering and the discipline of inclusive engineering.

Led by our researchers and working with an established network of industry and professional partners, the IEEH is already working to deliver change in how we educate the next generation of engineers through people-focused initiatives to develop inclusivity in engineering.

Industry partners sought

We would like to work with you to co-create funded research projects.

In addition to defining a project that is relevant to your needs, there are many other ways that you can work with and support us, including:

  • sharing relevant data
  • allowing us to use your facilities
  • sharing your experiences and needs relating to EDI challenges that affect minoritised engineers
  • posing us a specific EDI challenge – something within your engineering discipline that affects your business

If you would like to find out more, People to Products lead Dr Elizabeth Ratcliffe would love to hear from you.

Send an email to Dr Ratcliffe