Inclusive Engineering Excellence Hub (IEEH)

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Loughborough University, the IEEH aims to develop knowledge in critical gaps in inclusivity in engineering and the discipline of inclusive engineering.

Our research will enable the IEEH to lobby industry and policymakers by highlighting exemplar practices and their impact on society.

We will highlight our work through the IEEH Annual Workshop where a wider network of industrial guests will be assembled and - with the support of members from our Advisory Board - we will develop policy documents to support best practice guidance which can be used to lobby Government policy, industry and education.

We are delighted to announce that, in January 2024, the Royal Academy of Engineering provided nearly £100,000 funding via its Diversity Impact Programme to support new extended reality (XR) teaching opportunities.

Funded PhDs in Developing Inclusivity in Engineering

Aligned to the People to Products research cluster and Inclusive Engineering Excellence Hub, we are also recruiting further students to three fully funded PhD projects to build case studies that investigate Equality, Diversity and Inclusion improvement strategies in Higher Education Engineering and effective methodology to measure the impact of these improvement strategies.

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