Meet the EcoSENSE team

EcoSENSE is a research collective combining Materials Science, Chemistry, Geography and Computer Science.

Each interconnected studentship will be supported by academic supervisors and guided by input from our industry partners, the MAST Group Ltd.

The academic team

Photograph of Helen Willcock

Dr Helen Willcock

Senior Lecturer - Polymer Science

Department of Materials

Photograph of Stephen Butler

Dr Stephen Butler

Senior Lecturer - Supramolecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Department of Chemistry

Dr Helen Glanville

Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Science

Department of Geography and Environment

Dr Russell Lock

Reader in Information Modelling

Department of Computer Science

Dr Elisa Mele

Reader in Biomaterials

Department of Materials

Department of Chemistry

Photograph of James Reynolds

Dr Jim Reynolds

Reader in Analytical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Professor David Ryves

Professor of Environmental Change

Department of Geography and Environment

Our industry partners

The sensing materials will be co-designed and tested with the support of our industrial partners to ensure that our technologies are informed by the end-user, meet industrial quality control standards, and are fit for purpose.

The Mast Group logo

Mast Group Ltd

The Mast Group Ltd will provide key training - including the opportunity to gain experience in a commercial diagnostic R&D environment.

Visit the Mast Group website