Understanding diversity in tech initiatives

Dr Angela Martinez Dy - Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London
London Calling

Dr Angela Martinez Dy is leading evaluations of OneTech – a consortium-led initiative headed by Capital Enterprise to diversify the East London digital technology start-up sector, funded by JP Morgan Chase – and its sister project OneTech Talent which encourages 18-24 year-olds from across London into tech careers, funded by the Mayor of London.

The evaluations focus on the programmes’ impact on their direct beneficiaries, potentially more than 150 people. A mixed methods longitudinal study, the evaluation combines a bespoke quantitative survey instrument administered to programme participants, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and case studies of selected individuals as well as innovative interactive data collection at events.

Angela heads up the team of researchers – from social enterprise Renaisi and The University of Nottingham as well as Loughborough MSc students – conducting this work.

Photograph of Angela Martinez Dy

The study is novel in its intersectional realist and action research approach to understanding both social and economic impact. It is set to make exciting theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to understanding the current wave of diversity and inclusion initiatives in London’s tech start-up ecosystem.

The evaluations’ final reports will be submitted in June 2020 (OneTech) and November 2020 (OneTech Talent).

An application has been made for ESRC funding to take the survey tool nationwide.