This stage of your child's development is a stage of exploration. A time to discover their identity, well-being, learning and communication. The roles of the staff in the Explorer's room are to nurture and stimulate these five areas of development.

Our practitioners will demonstrate this through appropriate role modelling, respecting the environment and helping broaden their understanding in the world in which they live.

We will be supporting your child in developing their confidence, personal relationships, communication skills and individual talents. Using clear lines of communication between nursery staff and parents, any questions or information will be much appreciated and met warmly.

Each day at nursery the children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of fun activities painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, role play, counting, sharing a story, growing seeds or using musical instruments.

To help us to ensure your child stays comfortable throughout the day we ask you to put a couple of changes of clothes in your nursery bag along with any comforters they may use e.g. dummy, soft cloth, special soft toy.

A daily chart, which tells what your child has had to eat and drink, how much sleep they have had and how many nappies have been used.