About our Nursery

Loughborough University Nursery offers a 102 place nursery for children 0-5 years for University staff, students and the local community. Our nursery has been providing children with a safe place for development, learning and play for over 35 years.

We value the opportunity to provide children a safe place for development, learning and play and recognises the responsibility we have in achieving that.

We believe that in every community there should be a service for children under five, which should honour the needs of young children, celebrate their existence and support their families. At the heart of high quality early years education is the ability to build a setting where children and adults have a sense of belonging, feel safe and secure, and have a desire to learn together.

Building a community of learners is at the heart of Loughborough University Campus Nursery. We aim to ensure that children have space and support to learn, develop a culture of collaboration, remove barriers to success and focus on positive outcomes for children and their parents.

Our nursery is situated within the University campus and is open all year except bank holidays and two weeks at Christmas, operating Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm.