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Next IAS Annual Theme ‘Breathe’ to be formally launched at upcoming event

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Institution of Advanced Studies (IAS) Annual Theme for 2022-23.

Exploring the scientific, historical, cultural, sociological and ethical dimensions of what it means to breathe, and what this tells us about the world in which we live, this year’s IAS Theme brings international researchers from many fields and disciplines together around issues ranging from the impact of the Covid pandemic, climate change and poor air quality on health, social justice and equity, to the significance of breath to speech, song, communication, design, creativity and life itself.  

The launch event brings a truly international and interdisciplinary perspective to the Theme. Presentations by IAS Visiting Fellows and invited international experts will explore topics ranging from mosquitoes sensing exhaled compounds, air quality monitoring, breathing and communication, breathful design, and exercise to improve respiratory symptoms. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Malcolm Cook.

The event takes place on Wednesday 12 October from 4pm-5.30pm, with refreshments provided from 3.30pm. Register your place online.

Theme Lead Dr Sam Winter commented: “It is exciting to finally launch Breathe as this year’s IAS Theme. The process of developing the Theme has been a truly rewarding experience; it has been possible to learn a great deal about the breathtaking variety of work being conducted across both Loughborough University campuses, and, through the Theme, facilitate opportunities for some of the world’s leading researchers to come to Loughborough to engage in collaborative discussions with our community. 

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues who have provided input into the Theme at all stages of its development and invite those who wish to be involved to get in touch and join us at our upcoming events across this academic year.”

Professor Marsha Meskimmon, Director of the IAS, added: “IAS Annual Themes are designed to bring outstanding international scholars together around a compelling idea, and Breathe has already generated some of the most lively and provocative interdisciplinary debate we have seen at the IAS. We hope that colleagues from across all fields and disciplines on our two campuses will become involved as the year’s programme unfolds.”

Breathe is led by Dr Sam Winter (SSEHS)Dr Diganta Das (AACME)Dr Joan Fitzpatrick (SSH)Dr Liam Heaney (SSEHS), and Dr Martin Lindley (SSHES).

A full list of IAS Visiting Fellows confirmed for Breathe can be found online.