Regulation XXV

Introductory Studies

(Version effective from 1 October 2018)


1. This Regulation applies to students undertaking level 3 and 4 programmes offered by the University, and leading to the award of an external Awarding Body, which attract funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and not to students undertaking other programmes.

2. In this Regulation, cross-references are made to processes in other University Ordinances and Regulations.

Registration and status of students

3. Students are required to register as students of the University in accordance with Ordinance I (Admission of Students) and Regulation IX (Registration, Attendance, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal and Transfer).

4. The status of Introductory Studies students is governed in accordance with Ordinance II.

Tuition Fees and Payments for Other University Services

5. UK/EU applicants aged 18 years and under on 31 August in the year of entry will be exempt from the payment of tuition fees. The University will claim fees on behalf of these students directly from the ESFA.

6. UK/EU applicants aged 19 and over on 31 August in the year of entry and International applicants (including Channel Island applicants) will be charged a tuition fee in accordance with Regulation XVI (Tuition Fees and Payments for Other University Services).

7. Tuition fees and payments for other university services for students on an Introductory Studies programme shall be governed by Regulation XVI.


8. Introductory Studies students are required to attend timetabled teaching and assessment sessions in accordance with Regulation IX.

Student Behaviour and Discipline

9. It shall be the duty of all Introductory Studies students in all their acts and demeanour to seek to preserve the good reputation of the University and to observe and maintain honest and peaceable behaviour at all times. All students are required to observe the University’s Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

10. All student discipline matters will be governed in accordance with Ordinance XVII (Conduct and Discipline of Students).

Programme Structure and Assessment

11. The Programme Specifications for each programme shall include lists of units required for its completion and any other requirements of the external Awarding Body.

12. Assessment of the outcomes of individual units shall be conducted in accordance with the external Awarding Body regulations.

13. Students will be eligible for the appropriate Award when they have passed all the required units specified in the relevant Programme Specifications and have fulfilled any additional requirements stipulated by the external Awarding Body.

14. Students who at the first assessment do not achieve a pass in any unit shall be entitled to submit themselves for re-assessment on one further occasion in accordance with the external Awarding Body regulations.

15. Students who, following re-assessment have failed to achieve a pass in any unit which is required for qualification for the programme award, shall have their studies terminated.

Mitigating Circumstances

16. Introductory Studies students who for any reason have missed part or all of a Unit assessment or whose performance in a Unit assessment has been affected by mitigating circumstances have the right to submit a mitigating circumstances claim under Regulation XVII (Mitigating Circumstances).

Academic Misconduct

17. Introductory Studies students who are suspected of academic misconduct will have their case considered in accordance with Regulation XVIII (Academic Misconduct).

Programme Board

18. Programme Boards for Introductory Studies students will be conducted in accordance with Regulation XXII (Taught Programme Internal and External Examiners and Review and Programme Boards).

19. External Verifiers shall be appointed by the external Awarding Bodies for Introductory Studies programmes. External Verifiers’ reports on the matters for which they have been responsible shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor, who, having considered their reports, shall draw to the attention of Senate and the Dean of the appropriate School those matters which appear to require their attention.

Appeals against Programme Board Decisions 

20. All appeals against the decisions of Introductory Studies Programme Boards will be administered in accordance with Regulation XIV (Student Appeals against Programme Board or Review Board Decisions).


21. Any pre-sessional student wishing to lodge a complaint should do so in accordance with the University’s student complaints procedure as set out in Ordinance XXXVIII (Student Complaints Procedures).