Register of Interests Declaration 2022-23

Simon Steele

Official Role at Loughborough University and Requirement for listing on Register of Interests:
Co-opted Member of Audit & Risk Committee

  1. Paid Employment (Other than the University): LTA, Finance Director
  2. Self-Employment: N/A
  3. Company Interests/Directorships Held
    1. Directorships held whilst acting on behalf of the University: 
      1. Lawn Tennis Association Limited, Director
      2. LTA Operations Limited, Director
      3. LTA Property Limited, Director
      4. The LTA Trust, Director
      5. LTA Services Limited, Director
      6. LTA Nominees Limited, Director
      7. LTA Events Limited, Director
      8. LTA Ground Limited, Director
      9. LTA Developments Limited, Director
      10. LTA Holdings Limited, Director
      11. Tennis GB Limited, Director
      12. The Tennis Foundation, Director
      13. TF Enterprises Limited, Director
      14. Local Tennis Leagues Limited, Director
      15. The West Hants Lawn Tennis Company (Bournemouth) Limited, Director
      16. West Hants Lawn Tennis Company (Trading) Limited, Director
    2. Directorships/company interests held in a personal capacity: -
  4. Other appointments:  
    1. Loughborough University, Member Audit Committee
    2. Premier Sport Network – Trusted Advisory Board member
    3. ICAEW
  5. Family or Personal Links: -
  6. Other relevant information not covered by the above: -
  7. University’s Ethical Policy Framework declaration: Agreed
  8. Signed: 06/10/22