Register of Interests Declaration 2022-23

John Sinnott CBE MVO

Official Role at Loughborough University: Pro-Chancellor
Requirement for listing on Register of Interests: Lay Member of Council

  1. Paid Employment (Other than the University): Chief Executive, Leicestershire County Council
  2. Self-Employment: N/A
  3. Company Interests/Directorships Held
    1. Directorships held whilst acting on behalf of the University: N/A
    2. Directorships/company interests held in a personal capacity: I believe my employment (1. above) is relevant given the County Council's chosen role in supporting the University in its development of LUSEP, e.g. the Access Group building, and in access to the LUSEP site. It is also relevant that LUSEP (October 2022) is a potential Investment Zone. The County Council's role as the local highway authority means that it may be a statutory consultee in respect of university planning applications.
  4. Other appointments:  N/A
  5. Family or Personal Links: My son is employed by the CSPN/AP which has an office space via Sport England at SportPark on the University campus.
  6. Other relevant information not covered by the above: -
  7. University’s Ethical Policy Framework declaration: Agreed
  8. Signed: 04/10/22