Register of Interests Declaration 2022-23

Professor Malcolm Cook

Official Role at Loughborough University: Dean of School (ABCE)
Requirement for listing on Register of Interests: Staff Member of Council

  1. Paid Employment (Other than the University): N/A
  2. Self-Employment: N/A
  3. Company Interests/Directorships Held
    1. Directorships held whilst acting on behalf of the University: N/A
    2. Directorships/company interests held in a personal capacity: Co-Director of IBPSA-England CIC 
  4. Other appointments:  N/A
  5. Family or Personal Links: N/A
  6. Other relevant information not covered by the above: -
  7. University’s Ethical Policy Framework declaration: Agreed
  8. Signed: 30/11/22