Loughborough Student Managed Fund

Offering students the chance to manage a real-world portfolio of investment vehicles.

The Loughborough Student Managed Fund (LSMF) was founded in 2022 with a generous philanthropic donation of $250,000 from alumna Margaret (Meg) Dawson.

The Fund gives undergraduate students the chance to manage a real investment portfolio, giving them a brilliant opportunity to build on their understanding and knowledge of investment.

The LSMF is run by a committee of students, which draws on the collective research capability of Loughborough’s Finance and Investment Society to make quarterly investment decisions.

The activities of the Fund are overseen by the Board of the LSMF to ensure smooth running and adherence to Loughborough University’s Ethical Investment Policy.


The Fund has two core objectives:

  • To enhance and deepen the educational experience and employability of Loughborough University students, by giving them the opportunity to manage a significant investment portfolio with the oversight and support of academic staff, as part of the extra-curricular Loughborough experience.
  • To make an annual philanthropic contribution to the University’s Access to Education programmes, helping to ensure Loughborough’s accessibility to the widest possible range of deserving people. The current focus is to provide funding for Opportunity Scholarships.

Founding philanthropy

The Loughborough Student Managed Fund was made possible by a founding philanthropic donation from alumna Margaret (Meg) Dawson. She said: 

"I believe all students who qualify for a university place should not be denied by lack of funds. The initial capital contribution ($250,000) is intended to develop a sustainable model to financially support students in need while encouraging students to be socially responsible investors as they develop their business finance skills. The Loughborough Student Managed Fund (LSMF) has been created to meet these goals. LSMF - managed by and for students- is a prototype, a first of its kind in the UK. My vision, if proof of concept, is to expand with additional individual and corporate support to build closer relationships between academia and the business community for the benefit of all. I am grateful for the enthusiastic support of the University to jointly achieve these goals, especially the faculty oversight team and all the participating students."

Margaret (Meg) Dawson
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

How to contribute to the Fund

The Loughborough Student Managed Fund is offering a fantastic real-life investment opportunity to students – and you could become part of it.

Further donations to the LSMF will ensure more students can continue to benefit from the learning opportunity it is offering, as well as increasing its contribution towards the University’s Access to Education programmes.

If you are interested in finding out more or in donating to the Fund, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss in further detail.

Student involvement

If you are a Loughborough student and would like to get involved, you can contact the Loughborough Finance and Investment Society or Stephen Frost in Loughborough Business School to find out more.