Student Success Academy

Offering holistic and sustained support throughout the student journey.

The Student Success Academy is a dedicated programme of holistic and sustained support that focuses on the key transitions in a student’s journey: from settling in at university or returning from a year in industry placement to readying themselves for the wider world and work as a graduate.

Donations to the University have ensured that students are offered opportunities to help them to level up with their peers, access mentoring and support to tackle disadvantages around academic success and employment outcomes.

With a focus on skills development across all stages of the student journey, the Academy puts the spotlight on key transitions including coming to university, moving into and out of the placement experience, stepping up to final year and becoming a graduate.

The team listens to the experiences of individuals to help people to overcome barriers to achieving success, whether academic, personal or career specific.

In the academic year 2022-2023:

Over 60 workshops and events took place
Over 400 hours of peer and alumni mentoring has been delivered
Almost 400 one-to-one coaching appointments have taken place

Open to all students, the Student Success Academy continues to grow and offer brilliant opportunities that benefit hundreds of people. Its success and the support on offer would not have been possible without generous donations from alumni and friends. 

Achieving academic success

One of the students who has benefited from the Student Success Academy saw their grades improve after accessing one-to-one coaching and support. Here they share their story:

“During my first and second year at Loughborough University I received very consistent results which led to 59% in first year, and 58% in my second year. However, since partnering with Success Coaches at the start of my final year, I have seen my results soar. During first semester in my final year I averaged 68%.

“I am very grateful to Joe and to Success Coaching for the support given to me. As an 11-year-old boy I was told university was not a realistic aim. At the end of 2nd year, a 2.1 seemed out of reach on the same trajectory. However, in semester 2 of final year a 2.1 is both achievable and very realistic as I currently sit on 64% overall. I have no doubt Success Coaching will have a similar if not bigger impact on future students in the years to come.”

Thank you

Donations to the Student Success Academy impact hundreds of students each year. The support provided by alumni through donations is opening doors to student success. Thank you.