Loughborough Fund

The Loughborough Fund is set up to offer support to those that need it most, and we direct your gift to where the need is greatest.

A gift to the Loughborough Fund enables us to offer financial support to students most in need and to exciting student projects.

A gift of any amount can help us to support a project through the Loughborough Fund.

The fund gives the University the opportunity to support projects that would otherwise not receive any financial support and can also be used during difficult times to support students who need help quickly.

By donating to the Loughborough Fund, you are helping us to support students to access extra-curricular activities - who may otherwise not have the finances to do so - and you are also contributing towards bursaries and tuition fee waivers.

How donations have helped

In 2022-2023, donations supported bursaries, tuition fee waivers for care leavers and supported our first Ukrainian PhD Scholarship.

Gifts to the Loughborough Fund helped to provide more than 200 students from low household incomes with a bursary and supported eight care leavers with tuition fee waivers.

This financial support is vital in helping our students to thrive at Loughborough and takes pressure off those who are most in need. Thank you.