Train on track

Existing switches have achieved a very high level of safety through years of experience and development. They feature a built-in safety critical detection system to ensure the switch is safe for the passage of a train.

However, there are several known design deficiencies which are managed by intensive inspection and maintenance regimes.

Repoint features an enhanced safety-critical detection system, to offer an equivalent level of safety but with higher system availability through sensor redundancy.

However, rather than relying on intensive inspection and maintenance to eliminate safety-critical failures, the designers of Repoint have engineered out key failure modes which can lead to undetected failures and derailments.

Repoint technology in situ

In future, Repoint allows all safety-critical components to be made visible, not hidden under covers, so that track workers or passing video inspection trains can instantly recognise potential reliability issues. This could reduce the necessity for invasive inspections, helping keep the workforce safe.