The Repoint project has been developed by Loughborough University and our suppliers with funding from EPSRC and RSSB.

The Repoint technology has been developed by Loughborough University with funding from EPSRC and RSSB.

The technology is patent protected, and technology development has been completed to TRL 7 level (a technology demonstrator in a realistic environment). This equates to UK Network Rail, Rail Industry Readiness Level 5 (RIRL 5).

The Repoint technology has also been installed (January 2019) at a demonstrator test site at Quorn and Woodhouse station on the Great Central Railway in the UK. This demonstrator comprises:

  • three Repoint actuators
  • the signalling interface
  • the Repoint controller and prognostics platform, and,
  • has been fitted to a UK Network Rail / London Underground specification NR56CV switch panel

We are looking forward to working with commercial partners to further develop and test the Repoint technology to achieve full deployment in practice within the UK and Worldwide. If you'd like to find out more about the Repoint technology, or to become a commercial partner in its further development and implementation, then please contact us for more information.