The Repoint Light demonstrator is built using a conventional and standard switch and crossing. The three Repoint actuator bearers have off-the-shelf half baseplates for clipping to the stock rails.

It will be appreciated that the Repoint switching motion is completely different to the conventional switch. The switch rails must be lifted from below and positively retained in the actuator, in addition to the lateral support required of a conventional design. The Repoint actuators have an all new switch rail mounting system to retain the switch rail vertically and laterally, while allowing for longitudinal expansion and for limited rotation of the switch rail during switching. The switch rail mounting concept does not require any switch rail drilling. Repoint actuator bearers are no longer than normal switch bearers.

Repoint actuators could be retrofitted to an existing conventional switch layout. The actuators (minus the moving hopper sections) would be fitted beneath the stock rails. Fitting the hopper requires the switch rails to be positioned at mid travel and jacked up. The hopper can then be manoeuvred into place beneath the switch rails and the switch rails then dropped into their mountings.

Repoint installation

For new installations, the Repoint actuator-bearers can be integrated with the switch panel in the assembly yard, including key adjustment and on-power tests. The whole panel can then be transported to site, for instance on a tilting wagon.

On-site commissioning work is reduced to connecting the plug-couplers and fine adjustment, which can be completed in minutes.