School of Business and Economics

International relations

The International Relations Team

What does the International Relations Team do?

The School of Business and Economics’ International Relations Team works with staff and students at Loughborough and with our partners to translate our international strategy into action. Our work includes:

  •  Identifying and supporting new opportunities for students to study and work abroad
  •  Working with discipline groups to develop their international agendas
  •  Working with teachers to continually develop the international dimension in the curriculum
  •  Managing agreements and collaborations with overseas educational and corporate bodies
  •  Hosting visits from overseas delegations to the School
  •  Providing information to staff and discipline groups on international opportunities
  •  Providing internal funding to support the development of strategic international collaborations
  •  Supporting the School’s Internationalisation Committee
  •  Working with the School’s Development and Alumni Officer to develop and support our community of international alumni

We welcome involvement and comments from all members of the School as we work to ensure that internationalisation remains at the heart of all we do.

Student recruitment

This team is not responsible for student recruitment. For enquiries about this contact the University’s International Office.

Working with all colleagues at the School of Business and Economics

We want to encourage engagement from all staff at the School of Business and Economics as we develop our international agenda and welcome comments from all our colleagues, academic and administrative.