Spin-dependent transport phenomena in nanostructures

  • 11 October 2023
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • DAV.0.29

Speaker: Dr Igor Rozhanski

 Dr Igor Rozhanski

Graduated from St.Petersburg Technical University I have been working as a principal investigator at Ioffe Institute in St.Petersburg where my primary research focus has been on spin-dependent transport phenomena. I've also had collaborations and appointments at Ecole Polytechnique in France and Lappeenranta University in Finland. In February 2022 moved to Weizmann Institute in Israel as a visiting researcher, since June 2023 research fellow at National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester. 

In this seminar, I will discuss various spin-dependent transport phenomena related to spin-orbit and exchange coupling. We'll explore how these interactions affect quantum tunneling, spin injection, and scattering processes. Specifically, we'll look at phenomena like skew scattering on magnetic centers, which leads to the anomalous Hall effect, and exchange scattering in chiral spin textures such as magnetic skyrmions, giving rise to the topological Hall effect. Our research shows that asymmetrical exchange scattering is a common feature in systems with spin chirality. We will also touch on spin swapping and chiral tunneling in heterostructures with spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman-like exchange fields.


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