Dynamic Light Scattering for non-invasive diagnosis of blood and blood microcirculation

  • 23 February 2022
  • 13-14
  • DAV1102

Speaker: Prof. Igor Meglinsky (Aston University, Birmingham)


Title: Dynamic Light Scattering for non-invasive diagnosis of blood and blood microcirculation

Abstract: The majority of biological tissues are the highly heterogeneous media composing mixture of static and dynamic structural inclusions. The presence of static areas exhibit non-ergodic features providing systematic uncertainty in the quantitative interpretation of the measurements of dynamic light scattering (DLS). In fact, a number of various DLS-based techniques are extensively used for monitoring, imaging and quantitative assessment of blood flows in biological tissues, whereas the issues associated with the non-ergodicity are typically ignored. Based on the simple phenomenological model we present a justification for the applicability of DLS-based imaging technique for monitoring of blood flows within biological tissues under the formally broken ergodicity conditions [1]. In addition, we introduce a time-space Fourier Kappa-Omega filtering approach for stabilization of fast dynamic brain images in vivo [2]. Finally, the results of evaluation of impairments of cerebral blood flow and blood microcirculation brought by acute hypoxia provoked by a poor respiration arrest and cardiac cessation are presented [3].


[1] A. Sdobnov, et. al., “Blood flow visualisation under non-ergodic conditions using laser speckle contrast imaging”, Optics & Spectroscopy, 128(6), 778 – 786 (2020).

[2] G. Molodij, et. al., “Time-Space Fourier κω' Filter for Motion Artefacts Compensation during Transcranial Fluorescence Brain Imaging”, Phys. Med. Biol., 65(7), 075007 (2020).

[3] G. Piavchenko, , et. al., “Impairments of cerebral blood flow microcirculation brought by cardiac cessation and respiratory arrest”, J. Biophoton., 14(12), e202100216 (2021). 

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