Superconducting hardware for Quantum Computing

  • 2 June 2021
  • 13:00-14:00
  • Online
Speaker: Professor Martin Weides (University of Glasgow)
Title:  Superconducting hardware for Quantum Computing 

Abstract: Quantum technologies based on on-classically interacting qubit states allow experimental realizations ranging from fundamental tests to quantum simulation & computing achieving a quantum advantage. Today, realising the second quantum revolution appears feasible, with superconducting quantum circuits having matured over the past years to one of the leading platforms with an unprecedented variety of implementation and application schemes. For instance, analogue quantum simulators can now tackle problems that are hard to solve. No sophisticated error-correction schemes are needed, making them very useful in particular for the study of universal effects such as hard-to-model open quantum systems. Their implementation with superconducting circuits seems ideal, due to their tailored functionality and broad toolbox, including qubits, bosonic modes, a range of coupling elements and additional drive tones.  
In this talk, an introduction to the field will be given, including a view on technological challenges such as quantum circuit materials and processing, and exemplary quantum simulation applications such as the dynamics in ultra-strongly coupled systems or multi-state Landau Zener transitions.

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