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Dr Marco Mazza

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Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

  • 2018-present, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University.
  • 2012-2018, Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Dynamics of Complex Fluids Department, Göttingen, Germany
  • 2009-2012, Postdoctoral Fellow, Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
  • 2004-2009, PhD. Physics, Boston University, Boston, USA.
  • 1996-2001, M.Sc. (Laurea) Theoretical Physics, University of Catania, Catania, Italy.

We think that nonequilibrium physics is among the most exciting frontiers of science. We use theory, modeling, and computer simulations to investigate a number of soft matter systems such as active swimmers, liquid crystals, and granular matter. Concretely, our group develops methods to investigate: (i) the collective behavior of bacteria, and biofilm inception; (ii) aggregation in granular gases; (iii) liquid crystal microfluidics or self-assembly in confinement.

Going from molecular to hydrodynamic length scales, our main goal is to identify the driving mechanisms of complex matter organisation.

Teaching 2018-19: MAB110 Mathematics for Mech. Eng 3